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Weaving with Flowers

Wallhangings are an interesting design area for competition. They provide another way for the public to see flowers displayed. The current definition from the Australian Floral Art Association manual is “Any design which hangs against a vertical surface e.g. collage, swag, wreath, garland, plaque, decorative panel.”

Weaving with Flowers

My approach was to have the design incorporate the weaving being done by the flowers themselves, so I first needed to choose some plant material that didn’t require water during the competition.

Proteas are a very hardy flower that comes with useful foliage and a good strong stem. My first task was to weave the individual strands from the palm flower head into itself, giving me a good woven background as well as ensuring it remained within the size restrictions for the class.

Next I wove the protea stems through the palm in both vertical and horizontal directions to again emphasize the “weaving” pattern.

The importance in this simple and effective design is to keep the balance and harmony between the elements in place.

This design was awarded first place (happy face!!). The judges would like to have seen a few more proteas at the back of the design to give it more depth.


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