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Winter Prunings

Here we have another “interpretive” design, so I need to let the floral material tell the story of what comes to my mind when I think about winter pruning.

Winter Prunings


For me winter is about being able to see the beauty of branches and trees that are hidden by foliage the rest of the year. It is also a time for pruning many plants, they can often look quite different to other seasons.

Here I have used a large slice of gum tree as the base – this is to represent the pruning of large trees. There is a narrow copper pipe embedded into the wood to form a structural support for the rest of the material. I use old copper pipe as it takes on the colours (orange, brown, green) that will be used in the overall design so blends in well.

Three bare branches with interesting shape have been wired together and then wired to the copper pipe to form the “bare tree” with a fourth branch placed horizontally across the design. I was fortunate to find an abandoned bird’s nest which has been placed high in the branches for interest.

The wires are covered with moss and dried maple leaves and the design is finished off by placing more leaves randomly in the design. My method to keep it looking natural is to take a full step back from the bench and throw the leaves at the design – it gives a windswept look to the finished work.

The design was awarded a Highly Commended with the judge commenting that the base was too overpowering for the rest of the design.

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