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Floor Design

A floor design, or floor based design, is one of the largest competition designs you can attempt.

Some competitions will supply a stand specifically made for this purpose. It gives you a visual check on the dimensions. Remember to check the Show Schedule for the colour of the stand so you can match your structure to it which will then enhance your design.

Space for a floor design is at least 1m square with a height from 1.8m to unrestricted. These classes are most commonly judged from the front and sides.

The most important feature is the proportion and scale of your plant material.

Please remember with every competition, you should always check both the Show Schedule for local rules and sizings as well as the baseline rules (WAFA; AFAA; SAFU; RHS; GCA etc) for judging criteria.

Now it’s time to start looking at designs. Click on the links below for the samples on this site.

Town and Country 2Town and CountryWaste into ArtWaste Into Art
Past to Present 1From the Past to the PresentJungle Rhythm frontJungle Rhythm
Masterpiece Floor DesignMy MasterpieceFarming in the TropicsFarming in the Tropics

For many more designs (and step by step techniques), checkout my other website floralartonline.com

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