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Floor Design

In some floral art competitions, there will be categories or classes that are displayed on the floor or on a display stand that provides an individual space at least 1m square with a height from 1.8m to unrestricted. These classes are most commonly judged from the front and sides. You should always check both the Show Schedule for local rules and sizes as well as the baseline Association regulations (WAFA; AFAA; SAFA etc)

Click on the image to get detailed instructions for that design as well as my personal comments and judges feedback.

Jungle Rhythm front
Jungle Rhythm
Farming in the Tropics
Farming in the Tropics
Earthly Connections
Earthly Connections
Town and Country floral design 1
Town and Country 1
Past to Present 1
From the Past to the Present
Past to Present 2
From the Past to the Present 2
Waste Into Art Floor Design
Waste Into Art
Masterpiece Floor Design
My Masterpiece
Town and Country 2
Town and Country 2
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