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Floral Design Resources

I know how exciting a new hobby can be.

I know the joy of buying new things to enhance the enjoyment of that hobby.

I know how the “right” tools can improve confidence when you are trying out new designs and techniques.

With that in mind, here are some products good floral designers have found useful over the years. These are through Amazon because you can purchase the item, simply and safely from anywhere in the world with a returns policy second to none.
(Disclaimer: Yes, if you purchase through these links I will receive a small commission, often less than 20c. It all helps to keep this site running for you.)

Here are my Top Ten flower arranging resources for those of you just starting out. These are available worldwide.

1. The Best Reference Book To Be Released In Years!

Christine de Beer is an award winning floral designer now based in Canada. Every week for many years she has posted a new design with the steps to create it on her website. This book – The Effortless Floral Craftsman – contains a number of those fabulous designs, all with step by step instructions and images for you to follow. It’s a must have book for any floral designer regardless of your skill level!

2. Easy Mechanics For Simple Designs – No Floral Foam

There is a move away from floral foam for designing (the green blocks). They are not biodegradable although there are now some varieties that have a level of biodegradability (brown blocks). A simple alternative can be these “kenzans” or pin holders/flower frogs made to sit in water and hold stems in place as well as allow them to take up water.

I like this set as it gives you more variety of sizing than just one large kenzan (see below number 6).

3. Quick Dip

It’s important to keep your fresh floral material in as good a condition as possible for competition work. This additive will help the stems take up plenty of water for hydration.

4. Another Good Book For Those Starting Out

The Flower Workshop is a book for those of us who want to arrange designs with plant material we grow or find. Loads of images and easy to follow instructions to inspire you to creativity.

6. Round Kenzan

An essential item in my workbag, the round kenzan is good for use in your arrangements as well as for shredding foliage such as flax. With the move away from floral foam in competition work, kenzans are the best way for keep you minimalist designs stable in water. They are available in square, rectangle and round shapes – the round works for me in any situation so I prefer them.

7. Specialty Scissors

As you start to focus on competition work, you should reward yourself with some specialty scissors such as the Japanese ones. Often referred to as Bonsai scissors, they are small, extremely sharp and delicate enough for fine tuning your designs that might already be on the competition bench. Don’t lend them to anyone – you will be lucky to get them back!

8. Shears/Secateurs

This, in fact, was my first specialty item I added to my workbag many years ago. As I live on a farm where all my floral requirements for competition are grown, secateurs were always on hand. Finding a pair that were comfortable in my hand and still workable on even the toughest stems led me to these.

9. Knife

Along with shears/secateurs, a good knife will see you through many competition challenges. Many competitors still prefer to use shears/secateurs to a knife but for speed of assemble when you have a few designs on the go, a knife is worth learning how to use correctly. In addition, A knife cut is actually better for the stems than the squeeze cut of shears!

10. A Good Sturdy Design Bag

There are loads of choices out there for bags to contain your tools and supplies. I started out with a tradesman tool bag as it had lots of pockets inside and out, could stand on its own and was waterproof and tear resistant. Here is one that would be a good starting point.

I actually made a couple of videos that show what I carry in my two sizes of tool bags. Have a look and see if there are more ideas for you there. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you can get notifications of new floral design videos as I make them.

Handy Tool Bag

Large Tool Bag

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