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Floral Design Resources

Here are my Top Ten flower arranging resources available worldwide.

1. My New Favourite!
I simply love these containers that have a stainless steel kenzan built in. So versatile for small placements of plant material in larger designs – particularly when working with driftwood.


2. Quick Dip

It’s important to keep your fresh floral material in as good a condition as possible for competition work. This additive will help the stems take up plenty of water for hydration.


3. Flower Arranging the American Way

Its always good to have a solid hardcover reference book to look through for inspirations. I have found this one the best lately as it does not focus on one person’s designs.

4. The Art of Floral Arranging

From the Master School in New York, this book covers flowers from an artistic viewpoint. Again a good reference book to have on hand.

5. Keiko’s Ikebana

There are so many styles of this traditional Japanese art form that I was a bit apprehensive about having a book that takes a contemporary look at ikebana. Now, I wouldn’t be without it.



6. Round Kenzan

An essential item in my workbag, the round kenzan is good for use in your arrangements as well as for shredding foliage such as flax. With the move away from floral foam in competition work, kenzans are the best way for keep you minimalist designs stable in water. They are available in square, rectangle and round shapes – the round works for me in any situation so I prefer them.

7. Specialty Scissors

As you start to focus on competition work, you should reward yourself with some specialty scissors such as the Japanese ones. Often referred to as Bonsai scissors, they are small, extremely sharp and delicate enough for fine tuning your designs that might already be on the competition bench. Don’t lend them to anyone – you will be lucky to get them back!

8. Shears/Secateurs

This, in fact, was my first specilaty item I added to my workbag many years ago. As I live on a farm where all my floral requirements for competition are grown, secateurs were always on hand. Finding a pair that were comfortable in my hand and still workable on even the toughest stems led me to these.

9. Knife Kit

Along with shears/secateurs, a good knife will see you through many competition challenges. This kit from Xacto is actually a general hobby kit but it includes some tools that you can use in floral work along with the knives and blades, so a good all round investment.

10. Floral Design Starter Kit

You will find some “starter kits” for flower arranging on the internet – most include some floral foam, a plastic bowl and a few wires and ribbon. This kit is different. Click on the image to see what it has and some of the customer reviews. It is a fabulous gift for someone just starting out.

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