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Hanging Design

Some floral art competitions, have categories or classes that are displayed on wire frames or hang from hooks on a frame. These are most commonly judged from the front.

They are classified as Suspension/Floating/Mobiles, Wall Hanging or Collage designs. Collages can be displayed on an easel rather than being hung on a wire frame or hook.

Each of these has a definition related to structure so you need to really check the Show Schedule and the judging criteria (WAFA; AFAA; SAFU; RHS; GCA etc).

Now it’s time to start looking at designs. Click on the links below for the samples on this site. They are identified as either Suspension, Wall Hanging or Collage for easier reference.

Weaving with FlowersWall Hanging - Weaving with FlowersWallhanging - Oriental AffairWall Hanging – Oriental Affair
Suspension - Fireworks 2Suspension – FireworksMobile2Mobile - Freedom
Collage - Inspired by a PaintingCollage – Inspired by a PaintingCollage - Seedpod acrobaticsCollage – Seedpod Acrobatics

For many more designs (and step by step techniques), checkout my other website floralartonline.com

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