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Decorative Beads 1

There are lots of ways to use decorative beads in your designs.

The simplest is to thread one or two onto thin grasses for a subtle effect within your design. Here I will show a couple of other methods I have used in a variety of designs.

Beads as the Endpoint of a Twig

Twigs for beads1. Line up your twigs or dried material – here I am using the spent flower spikes from a date palm.

2. Select some beads that will complement your design either interesting shapes or colour combinations. In this example the finished design is part of a “Fireworks” theme so I have chosen small stars to resemble a firework’s burst.

Glue beads to twig3.If your twig is large enough, dip into glue then touch the bead. Otherwise us a toothpick to place glue on the twig, then place the bead on top. Use some discarded floral foam as a drying base to keep your work upright.


Pinning Beads to Succulents

Decorative beading1. Using decorative dressmaker’s pins (or decorative beading pins which have a shorter pin section), thread a bead (or many) onto the pin.

2. Push the pin into the succulent. You can add a spot of glue if you are concerned about the pin slipping out, especially if you have to transport your design.

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