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Floral Art Competition Schedule – Part 1

Floral Art Competition SchedulesIn the excitement of getting ready for your first competition, it is very easy to overlook some important information in the Show Schedule. Over the next 3 posts I will cover the information you should consider before deciding to enter the competition.


Size of Exhibits

Each Class in the competition should have both a staging type – bench, plinth, frame, stand etc- as well as a size.
e.g. “Every Which Way” A contemporary design. Space allowed and staged on supplied base 1m square raised 7.5cm from the floor with attached backing 2m high, coloured grey. No attachments to the backing. Viewed and judged from front and sides.


Size is the first item to be checked by stewards before judging commences. You do not want to be disqualified because your design has infringed the size allocation for its Class.


Pre-prepared Work

Sometimes you are permitted to prepare some of your design before the competition day. This pre-prepared work must not predominate in your design or you will lose marks.

If the competition schedule states you are permitted to bring your design in to the competition ready for staging, the predominance of pre-prepared work is not an issue.


Prohibited Plant Material

There may be restrictions on the types of plant material allowed based on their “noxious” classification or simply because of the space being used e.g. heavily perfumed in a small area.

Another item to take note of here is where a Class requires only one type of plant material e.g. roses only flower, or where it stipulates plant material not to be used e.g. foliage only.



1. Measure out the space and get a visual idea before you decide to enter a Class.
2. Keep pre-prepared work to a minimum so it does not predominate in your design.
3. Check and double check any listing in the schedule for prohibited plant material.
4. Check each Class title for restricted/required plant material use.


All this information is taken from my free guide which you can download by clicking here.

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