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Floral Art Competition Schedule – Part 2

Floral Art Competition SchedulesHere are some more parts of the floral art schedule to note before you decide to enter the competition.


Drop off and Collection times

Check to see when you are permitted to drop off (and start) your design as well as when you can collect your exhibit after the Show. Ensure that you can use these times, particularly dropping off, as this can sometimes be the day before the competition is being judged.

Vehicle Access for Unloading

Be familiar with where you are permitted to unload your design supplies and the availability of trolleys, parking permits, vehicle entry permits in conjunction with the drop off and collection times.

Judging Times and Feedback

The time for judging should be stated in the schedule along with either an allocated time for judges comments/feedback or a method of obtaining these e.g. written reports



1. When looking at the drop off and collection times, think about traffic conditions around the Show venue at those times as well.

2.  There are some good, affordable, collapsible trolleys available at home hardware and office supply stores. Trolleys are a great unpacking and packing up timesaver at competitions.

3. Listening to the judges feedback on all the designs in a competition is a valuable (and free) learning experience. Takes notes.


For your own free copy of my guide to entering floral art competitions, click here.

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