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Floral Art Competition Schedule – Part 3

Floral Art Competition SchedulesThe last part of my guide to information you should consider from the show schedule before deciding to enter a floral art competition.


Closing Date for Entries and Fees

Make sure you have completed the required forms and sent your entry money well before the closing date. Closing dates vary from competition to competition – anything from the day before the competition to almost a year before, particularly for world competitions.

Its always a good idea to check just before the closing date in case your entry has not been received.

Grading of Competition Entry Levels

Some competitions have defined levels of competition. Open is for anyone; A,B,C,D etc are used by many garden clubs and societies to foster involvement; Novice is for those who have not previously won a prize (generally at a particular Show).

If you are not aware of the level of your expertise, check with the organisers about grading levels for your competition.


1. Mark the closing date for entries for your competition in your diary in case you need more time to make a decision about your entry.
2. Check with local garden clubs, floral art clubs and horticultural societies about how they grade the different levels for their competitions.


For your free copy of my guide to entering floral art competitions, click here.

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