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Floral Art Competition Schedule

What Should I Do First?

There are four steps to entering any floral art competition:

  • read the schedule
  • plan your design
  • transport your design
  • stage your design

For each of these steps I have some tips that will help you with your preparation for your competition. So let’s get started with reading the schedule.

Floral Art Competition Schedules

What is a Schedule?

A schedule sets out the guidelines and competition conditions/rules that will apply at this particular competition. It is the basis for this competition for both competitors and judges.

Why is it important for me?

It is important to read the complete schedule before you decide to enter a competition. Your decision should take into account restrictions on things like:

  • size of exhibits,
  • pre-prepared work,
  • prohibited plant material,
  • drop off and collection times,
  • vehicle access for unloading,
  • judging times and feedback,
  • closing date for entries and fees,
  • grading of competition.


If you have questions, ask the organisers, particularly the person nominated as the Show Secretary.


Remember if you would like to download a free copy of my guide to entering your first floral art competition, click here

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