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How to Start Competing in Floral Art

Floral Art Competitions

Floral Art Competition BenchHave you ever been to a flower show and thought “I could do that” when looking at the flower arrangements?

I did that once……..and now more than 10 years later I actually enter over 50 designs every year in floral art competitions from local shows to the World Association of Floral Artists World Flower Show (dubbed the Olympics of flower arranging).

But I still remember my first competition. I still remember thinking my designs were not good enough when I saw what other competitors produced. And to this day, I still get nervous before a competition.

Why do I keep doing it? Its a passion – I love the natural beauty of nature that surrounds us. I love the challenge of working out how to present a Class title using plant material in all its forms. Yes, I get frustrated when I can’t make it work. Yes, I get overwhelmed by how much there is (still) to learn. But….

The feeling when you see the results and that little card in front of your design or when you hear the judges say “This is a lovely design” cannot be described with mere words. And its a feeling that never diminishes. I have even more experienced friends who wait as anxiously as I do for the competition results and celebrate as hard as I do when success is achieved.

Over the next few posts I am going to share some insights into starting out at floral art competitions. Although the focus is for those entering their first competition, the information will be just as useful when you are entering a show for the first time such as a world competition. The posts will be practical tips based on a combination of my experience and information from judges so you can enter your floral art competition with less stress.

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