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WAFA World Flower Show Barbados 2017

Kim Baillie In High Spirits

What a magical time I had in Barbados. So many wonderful floral designs at the World Flower Show, so many delightful local people I met during my stay.


Speightstown and the Carribean Sea

What did I do apart from sightseeing? In the 4 days of the World Flower Show I took images of every competition design – that’s over 300. Why?

When I started out (many, many years ago) I had to rely on floristry books for help and inspiration. Although these were useful, they didn’t really address the scope of floral art and competitions.

These days, of course, we can go to so many other (and more immediate) electronic sources for our inspirations and to see what the latest trends are in all areas of art, not just commercial floral work. I think floral art has become a much fuller style of art as a result…..or maybe that’s just me being more experienced in the art form these days!

Huntes Gardens

A taste of the extraordinary Huntes Gardens

After looking through all the photos, I realised just how much it might help others who are on a floral art journey like me. They show the many and varied ways we can interpret any given title in floral art competition. They showcase the best in the world with floral art techniques that are sometimes unique to a particular country or region.

I know it will be an added resource for you on your floral art journey. That’s why I have collated all the images into a video that you can have today.

Twenty three competition classes – over 300 competition designs – all brought together in one video with staging and dimension details for all classes. Three of these competition classes are impose – you can see how up to twenty four competitors in one class interpreted one common title when they were all supplied with exactly the same material to use.

St Nicholas Abbey

My favourite kinetic sculptures in the grounds of St Nicholas Abbey

My coaching and mentoring activities give me great satisfaction. I get to see others find enjoyment in floral art competitions. They get recognition for their efforts and I get to expand my circle of floral art friends.

But there’s only one of me and lots of you who want to pursue your interest in floral art. So I put together videos of my experiences and offer them to you so you can benefit from my travels and competitions all over the world.

The latest of these videos is all about the World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) World Flower Show in Barbados. These World Shows are only held once every three years, each time hosted by a different country. You can imagine the level of competition designs at these shows….and the preparation and planning that goes in to them beforehand. In fact the competition class allocation is announced 10 months before the competition staging day!


A refreshing concoction of lemonade and ginger – a Huntes Gardens speciality

I am always on the lookout for interesting floral art designs and regularly look back through all the photos I have taken through the years. Sometimes it will be one small detail of a design that sparks my brain into design frenzy for a current competition. Even when I don’t have a competition design in planning its entertaining to look through the photos and appreciate the work of the designers.

So now you can share in the experience of a World Flower Show. The video is priced at $27, less than a book, less than a magazine subscription and you get 300+ designs to study, appreciate and use for your own inspiration.

I look forward to seeing you at a floral art competition somewhere in the world

Wishing you success on your floral art journey


P.S. You can also download my FREE guide to Entering Your First Floral Art Competition by clicking here. (Actually its good for any level of competition!)

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